Floor Play: Get Me Moving Better Than Ever

Cecily Milne is thrilled to be back at Pursuit OCR this February to share her approach to maximizing your body’s potential. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why everything to do with movement, exercise and day-to-day living starts with a healthy spine. Learn to make your spine move with more intelligence and, in turn, enjoy less back pain and discomfort, along with a better golf swing, improved efficiency in climbing and obstacle training, as well as high-five-worthy PRs at the gym.
  • How to protect your shoulders from injury, or if you already have a shoulder injury or impingement, how to heal and ensure the injury never repeats itself.
  • How to turn your lower body into a well-oiled machine: protect your ankles, knees and hips from injury, while strengthening your hamstrings and glutes to revolutionize the way you walk, run, ski, lift and climb.

At the conclusion of our month together, we’ll put together everything the course has covered and explore different forms of movement: crawling, jumping, hanging, arm balancing and other adventures out of our comfort zones! Walk away with a renewed appreciation of all the body is designed to not only do, but feel GOOD at.

FLOOR PLAY: A 4-Week “Get Me Moving Better Than Ever” Workshop with Cecily Milne
Fridays, 12pm-1pm | February 5, 12, 19 + 26
$100 for all 4 weeks
To pre-register: 647-467-8444 or [email protected]

Cecily Milne is a strength and mobility specialist. Her movement journey began with yoga, which sparked her passion for making the body move, evolve and feel the best way possible. In 2014, Cecily began to further expand her knowledge through direct study with the Ido Portal team. She has trained with Agatsu Inc, along with Gymnastic Bodies, and most recently completed her certification as an FRC MS (Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist) with DrAndreoSpina. Cecily is also midway through her diploma of Sports Animation with internationally renowned Osteopath Guy Voyer, creator of the SomaTraining system. She is the co-founder of Yoga Detour Teacher Training.

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