Play Your Best: Kids Series

At Pursuit OCR, kids have the opportunity to play in an inclusive, safe and challenging environment. In addition to having free range over Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course, Pursuit provides mindful programming for kids to develop creativity and concentration, improve self-regulation, and manage stress and anxiety.

Our programs allow kids to build on positive interpersonal skills and attitudes, including practices of fair play and respect for others. We believe that all children irrespective of their gender, background, or ability should have opportunities to move their bodies in a non-competitive environment and work towards the same goals in order to develop positive attitudes towards healthy active living.

Through our original PLAY YOUR BEST series, children will develop an understanding of health, wellness and the value of vigorous physical activity. Planned programming will take place throughout Sunday morning, and kids will have the choice to participate in games and activities related to the Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum, which focuses on the four principles of movement: body awareness, space awareness (where the body moves), effort (how the body moves), and relationship (with whom or with what the body moves).

PLAY YOUR BEST programming is built on a series of games and activities (each ranging from 3-7 minutes in length) such as:
Hulking Out – a focus on developing core strength & stamina
Warrior Dance – improves coordination & muscular endurance
Rubber Band Blast – increases children’s maximum range of motion
Floating in Space – a guided short ‘n’ sweet Vinyasa yoga flow
Dragon Breath – a chance to cool down and focus on mindful breath work

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