Hello and Welcome to Pursuit OCR!

We are a new facility aimed at bringing recess back into your work week! Pursuit is a strictly 18+ facility designed specifically so adults can let loose their inner child. Please note that we have moved and are now open to the public at our new location at 75 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke as of November 26th 2018. Our hours are as follows and do not change for holidays with the exception of New Years Eve and Christmas Eve, which we are closed. Keep an eye on social media for any last-minute closures.

Please take a few moments to carefully read the FAQ to help ensure you have the best first visit possible.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday: 2pm to 9:30pm
Tuesday: 2pm to 9:30pm
Wednesday: 2pm to 9:30pm
Thursday: 2pm to 9:30pm
Friday: 1:30pm to 11pm
Saturday: 1:30pm to 11pm
Sunday: 1pm to 8:30pm

How do I book a visit?

Please complete a waiver on our website (located at the top of the page under “Waiver”) prior to booking your session. Once you have completed your waiver, then you’ll be able to begin the booking process on the “Booking & Pricing” page.

What should I wear?

Just regular workout attire is recommended. It’s a dry course which means there is no mud or water included in the obstacles. We recommend comfortable clothing you can move in and require athletic shoes to be worn. If you like you can also wear gloves to improve your grip on some obstacles (like the monkey bars or ropes) as no chalk is permitted in our facility for sanitary reasons. Clear Liquid Chalk can be used but please let one of our staff know you intend to use it. No shoes with cleats, raised platforms, open-toes, or heels are permitted. Slides, boots, open toe footwear, open heeled footwear, raised heeled footwear, dress shoes or sandals are not permitted to be worn by participants (observers are allowed to wear these but cannot enter into the play areas. Due to the nature of our space we do not permit anyone to run in socks or in bare feet at any time.

What about gloves or chalk?

If you like you can wear gloves to improve your grip on some obstacles (like the monkey bars or ropes). No chalk is permitted in our facility for sanitary reasons. Clear Liquid Chalk can be used but please let one of our staff know you intend to use it.
Every participant must gauge for themselves their skill level and confidence and play within our posted rules. Each obstacle has many levels of challenge or they can be skipped. Should they decide that they require any type of safety equipment, each guest is responsible for bringing their own and ensuring it fits properly, is in good repair and they understand how to use it properly. Pursuit OCR does not rent or provide safety equipment.

Do we need to book a time in advance?

Yes, we have revised how we operate. Walk-ins will be permitted only if space is available. We can’t guarantee there will be walk-in space so we strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. Sessions are now 90 minutes in length and a limited number of guests per session will be set. By doing so we can ensure that you will have enough room to maintain proper distancing while you play. Before and after each session our staff will thoroughly clean all contact surfaces and common areas in our facility to ensure the maximum level of safety possible. Please send us an email if you have any questions, comments or concerns on our new procedures, many of which can be seen on our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Is there alcohol or cannabis allowed?

Pursuit OCR is an obstacle-based fitness facility and due to the nature of the course and challenges alcohol and cannabis are not permitted. People under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be permitted entry. Those that are found to be under the influence while in the facility will be removed along with the rest of their party. There are no refunds for those denied entry or reentry if suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Full refunds on tickets are given only for requests made 48 hours or more prior to the booking. We are a small business that relies on guests showing up for their appointments.  Sessions that are booked, then missed and refunded result in other guests not only not being able to attend, but loss in incomes we need to operate. Please be considerate of this when booking for larger groups. If you book for a large party to reserve spots “just in case” more people want to come, you will not be refunded for last minute “no shows”.  Please be aware that when you book you are agreeing to this policy.
At the end of the day it’s about community and keeping our prices as reasonable as possible to allow everybody the opportunity to experience our space. We want everyone to get the value of their ticket and we will work with you to make sure of that within reason.
Guests who have been denied entry for any kind of intoxication or belligerence will not be issued any refund or credits for future sessions. Any decision to issue a credit or move an appointment within 48 hours of the session time or after should be considered a courtesy and is up to the discretion of the management.

What ages are appropriate for the course?

Our space is designed for adults 18 and older to rediscover their inner child. It’s unique in its design and we’d love for you to come and play! To enter our facility you MUST be 18 years of age or older. Minors accompanied by an adult will not be permitted into the space. Photo ID will be requested to verify age so please have on your government-issued ID (that has name, picture, and birthday).

Do you sell annual memberships? How about gift cards?

At Pursuit we believe that you should never feel tethered or locked into something you might not use. That way you have the flexibility to decide when you want to come and when you want to pay. No automatic payments will ever be made and you never have to cancel anything. You are always welcome to purchase play passes which are shareable credits that do not expire. See above for pricing.

Gift cards can be purchased on location. They can also be purchased over the phone once you sign a waiver (which can be found at the top of the page) or through our website under the Gift Cards tab or during the booking process under Booking & Pricing during the Extras step. They do not expire and can be made out to any amount. A reloadable Pursuit Gift Card will be given for redemption at a later date.


Are there change rooms/showers/lockers/private prayer space?

We have change rooms available for use on site. They are single stall change rooms, gender neutral and designed for a quick change of clothes.
There is a single shower available in our accessible washroom. We provide the stall and the water. There’s no towel service on site, so if you intend to use the shower please bring anything else you’ll need.
Lockers are available for public use in the main common area for you to store your personal items in and will be sanitised by our team before and after each session. Lockers don’t have locks on them but you can bring your own, purchase one from the front desk for $4 and keep it, or store your gear in your car and the front desk can hang onto your keys so you don’t lose them during your session!
Our Evvy Cacciotti Community Room is equipped with mats and dimmable lighting, and has a quieter environment for Salah. In the event that the Community Room is booked for a private event please just ask our staff and we’d be happy to provide you with an alternative space to pray.

Is your facility accessible for people with disabilities?

Our Facility has accessible parking spaces directly in front of the building. There is a step to enter the front doors and we have a mobile ramp to put in place for anyone that requires aid for their mobility device. There is one accessible washroom on the main floor in the common area. Our obstacle course does require the ability to climb steps and scale a ladder but almost every obstacle can be bypassed just by walking past it or skipping ahead using one of our walkways or passageways.

Our drift trike racetrack is fully accessible and anyone in a wheeled mobility device (manual or motorised) is welcome to race through it with their friends using their device!
For those with claustrophobia there are no passageways less than 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall, there is a room filled with large balls and a “lazer maze” comprised of bungee cords; both can be bypassed entirely (please ask staff the best route to do this).

For those with photosensitive epilepsy, there are no flashing or repeating lights throughout the obstacle course or arena; however please note some of the videos that play on one section of wall (above eye level) do sometimes have sections with strobing or flashes.

Is there parking?

Yes there is parking on site but it is limited and first come, first served. Weekends and evenings are busier in traffic so we recommend carpooling to reduce your vehicle footprint. There are multiple public parking lots within a short walking distance in our neighbourhood. Please consult with google maps and please be considerate of our neighbouring businesses.

Can I shoot my movie/music video/art piece at Pursuit?

We’re always open to working with artists to provide a unique space for different projects. As we are a fully functioning fitness facility bookings for media and independent projects will need to be considered on a case-by-case scenario. Email info[@]pursuitocr.com with a spec of your project (including timeline and use of space) and we can see if it’s a good fit for both of us.