Hello and welcome to Pursuit OCR!

We are a new facility aimed at bringing recess back into your work week! Pursuit is primarily an alcohol free 18+ facility designed specifically so adults can let loose their inner child.
Starting October 16th 2017, We are open Mon-Thurs: 8am to 10pm Friday & Sat: 8am to 11pm Sun: 7am to 10pm
Our course is always available for play even when classes are on in our group exercise areas.

Please take a few moments to read carefully the FAQ to help ensure you have the best first visit possible.

What should I wear?

Just regular workout attire is recommended. It’s a dry course, which means there is no mud or water included in the obstacles. Running shoes and comfortable clothing you can move in. If you like, you can also wear gloves to improve your grip on some obstacles (like the monkey bars or ropes). No shoes with cleats. Due to the nature of our space we do not permit anyone to run in socks or in bare feet at any time.

Do we need book a time in advance?

There is no need to book in advance, just come on in. The course is designed for two people to run it together and for several teams to be on the course at the same time. There are break zones for you to safely catch your breath and let others pass if needed as well. For larger groups of twenty or more that wish to have a designated area, please contact info[@]pursuitOCR.com to make arrangements. Currently only the Pursuit Kids series requires advance booking.

Starting October 16th 2017, We are open Mon-Thurs: 8am to 10pm Friday & Sat: 8am to 11pm Sun: 7am to 10pm

Do I need to pre-book to take classes?

Currently we don’t take advance reservations for classes. Just drop in to the class you’d like to participate in. We do recommend the you show up 15 minutes in advance to check in and get your spot on the mat though. Classes DO NOT take place on or interfere with the obstacle course at anytime. View our class schedule here.

Is there parking?

Unfortunately we don’t have dedicated parking but there are first-come-first-serve spots available for free in front of our building on Dufferin Street and in the neighborhood side streets.

Is there alcohol?

Pursuit OCR is primarily a fitness center and due to the nature of the course, alcohol is not permitted. People under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be permitted entry.

Are there change rooms/showers?

There are two individual non-binary change rooms and one private shower should you need it. We’re really a “come ready to play” space, but don’t worry if you get a little sweaty, that’s the point!

What ages are appropriate for the course?

Our space is designed primarily for adults 18 and older to rediscover their inner child. It’s unique in its design and we’d love for you to come play. To come on your own during standard hours you MUST be 18 or older and there’s no need to book in advance. For children 12 and younger, we ask that you reserve a spot first then come Sunday mornings between 7am and noon for our family open park play days. Activities and fitness-related fun will be provided by our staff for your kids and you as well. T he time slots for Pursuit Kids are as follows:

  • 7am-830am
  • 845am-1015am
  • 1030am-12pm

Do you have programs for teens?

With the exception of our Pursuit Kids series, our programs are designed for people 18 and older. Currently we do not have drop in or scheduled programming for teens unless it is with a supervised school or club sanctioned scheduled trip. Please get in touch with your child’s school or club leader to organize an outing with us. Please have a look at our Field Trip Program here.

Can I book for my child’s birthday party?

As our services are primarily tailored for 18 and older, we only book children’s parties during our kids play time on Sunday mornings . Every Sunday morning we have three 90 minute time slots which you can book in advance for your child’s visit. Time slots are 7am, 845am and 1030am. Our kids only time ends at noon and then our space returns to being an adult only facility. Visits MUST be booked in advance and paid for HERE. Prebooked visits are non refundable once purchased. If you’d like a private space for your children to enjoy food and presents AFTER they play, we can provide a space with chairs & tables for an additional $100.00. Booking in advance for kids is necessary to ensure the space is available.

Can I drop off my child on Sunday?

Our Play your Best series isn’t a drop off. We want you to actively engage with your child in playtime to help improve their skills and rediscover your own. Active supervision is mandatory, so please ensure you have an adequate number of adults to accompany your children (we recommend no less than one parent for two children). We have created a super fun place to play and we want your help to make it the best safe place for your child to discover movement. Booking in advance for kids is necessary to ensure the space is available.

Do you sell annual memberships?

At Pursuit we believe that you should never feel tethered or locked into something you might not use. That way you have the flexibility to decide when you want to come and when you want to pay. No automatic payments will ever be made, and you never have to cancel anything. We have single day passes ($20), one month Unlimited use obstacle passes ($50), and unlimited monthly passes included unlimited group classes ($150).

Can I book the space for a corporate/team building/charity event or special occasion?

We can definitely accommodate group bookings. For smaller groups (5+ to 25) no advanced booking is required but you should let us know if you have a large group of 25+. Groups of ten or more people get a reduced rate of $15 per person but must arrive together to take advantage of the group pricing. During this visit we can allocate a private space for $100 in the upper gallery area for your group to settle and congregate.  We can place out tables there too and you can bring in food and non alcoholic drinks for your group. For large groups we recommend letting us know when you’d be coming by so we can ensure the right amount of staff. For fully private functions we can accommodate 200+ people and will need to plan based on your event needs. For mid size but fully private  groups, pricing would need to be quoted. Price varies from $35-65 per person.

We recommend a site visit in advance so you can see the volume of space and layout before initiating discussions as it’s a very unique space. After your visit, please contact info[@]pursuitocr.com to discuss the particulars of your celebration.

Do you sponsor teams/individuals/charities?

We are building our own team of sponsored individuals and are always looking to partner with the community and charity. If you have something you’d like us to look at, please feel free to get in touch at info[@]pursuitocr.com.

Can I shoot my movie/music video/art piece at Pursuit?

We’re always open to working with artists to provide a unique space for different projects. As we are a fully functioning fitness facility, bookings for media and independent projects will need to be considered on a case-by-case scenario. Email info[@]pursuitocr.com with a spec of your project, including timeline and use of space, and we can see if it’s a good fit for both of us.