Bring Back Recess!

We created Pursuit OCR because we wanted a place where adults could let loose and be kids again. First and foremost, Pursuit is a center for community. That’s why we try as hard as we can to keep our prices low and the value high. We want to be your go to place when you want to laugh and sweat and we feel that should be accessible to everyone. Our indoor park is designed so you can explore, race and play.


You can come alone, with a friend, or a huge group. Our space is gender neutral, diverse, and inclusive. Don’t worry if you’re not an elite athlete, our obstacles have been designed with different abilities in mind. Generally speaking if you can get up a flight of stairs or a ladder you can get through our course. Maybe you’re a bit more competitive? Not to worry, each obstacle also has harder variations if you really want to challenge yourself or someone you are with.


Test your speed, your strength and fun climbing and crawling. Don’t worry if you bail on the rings, you’ll land right in our giant ball pit.  Accessible year-round, rain or shine to everyone of all fitness levels, Pursuit OCR is for the hardcore racer or group of friends looking for a new way to work up a sweat before beer and wings.