Saved by the Balls

The Ball Pit.

Arguably the best part of being a kid, outside of Mr. Dressup, hot dogs in your mac & cheese, and generally having zero responsibilities.

Be it Playland, Ontario Place, or Chuck E. Cheese, if there was a ball pit, you were in it. #Goodtimes

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “But I’m older. Wiser. I know what lurks in those balls.”

But worry not!
Now you can play in all the balls and not risk acquiring the Black Death.

The balls themselves get placed into plastic nets with a vinyl sunflower. All of it gets cleaned with Micrylium Biotext, a body-safe chemical that is non-toxic and designed to kill germs on porous surfaces. It all gets cleaned down, dried out, and put back ready for use.

– Pursuit OCR

Come on in, you’re gonna love our balls.

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