Introducing Kettlebell Classes!

We’re excited to introduce our new Kettlebell coach Zach Kieri!

Growing up in rural northwestern Ontario, Zach found his childhood consisting of the type of movements that people see now as functional: barefoot running, rock climbing, lifting odd objects and various leverage activities that were a part of the work and entertainment of everyday life. These life experiences, as well as time in traditional martial arts, organized sports, barbell and dumbbell training, helped him to rediscover implements and training modalities in kettlebells, weighted clubs and the mace. With 15 years of kettlebell training, Zach has always aimed to help others build a solid foundation to build strength and learn a new skill. Come learn how “training outside the machine” can be beneficial to your everyday life.

This week all of his Kettlebell classes are free for drop-in: Tuesday, February 2nd, at 5:30pm and Thursday, February 4th, at 6:45pm and 8:00pm!

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