Friday Night Acrojam!

Last Friday was the launch of our weekly Acrojams. Thanks to all those who participated. We had a lot of beginners who took their first flights and many seasoned practitioners who were thrilled to share their passion for Acroyoga.

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Come join us Friday nights from 8pm-11pm, all levels welcome. Feel free to come alone or bring friends. Get a taste of what Acroyoga is all about; partner or group yoga with a twist of acrobatics. We will be practicing mostly L-based Acro, but you never know what kind of crazy positions you might end up in. We can only guarantee they’ll blow up your Instagram feed. If you have any questions about Acroyoga at Pursuit, please email Anya.


Check out the rest of our group fitness classes: whether you want to work on your handstands and rope climbing skills, or you want a quick lunchtime sweat, we’ve got you covered. Come push a weighted sled in General Conditioning, get a high-intensity workout in just 45 minutes in our lunchtime Conditioning Blast class or work on your planche and other cool body weight tricks in Play With Strength.

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