Pursuit Kids

Every Sunday morning at Pursuit OCR, kids 12 AND UNDER have the opportunity to play in an inclusive, safe and challenging environment. In addition to having free range over Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course, Pursuit provides a mindful space for kids to develop creativity and concentration, improve self-regulation, and manage stress and anxiety.

We have THREE time slots available. Each is 90 minutes and your child must arrive and conclude their play during the time slot you book. During this pre-registered time parents and guardians are welcome to join their kids in our environment to play and explore movement. NO extensions will be allowed past the time you have reserved regardless of your time of arrival. The time slots are as follows:

  • 7am-830am
  • 845am-1015am
  • 1030am-12pm

The obstacle course is open and the full facility is at their disposal to let their imaginations run wild in our indoor playground. Adults also get to get in on the fun as guardians are required to actively participate with their little people. There’s no charge for adults because we want you to be able to share in your children’s learning and play too! Take pictures, play hide & seek, run, climb and crawl and be a kid with your kids! Please note that this in not a drop off activity, so please make sure you are able to adequately supervise all the kids in your group.

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* Please note – tickets and reservations are non refundable and purchases are final.

Kids Birthday Parties

Looking to have your child’s birthday with us? We love having your kids come celebrate with us on their special day. Here are some details you should know:
Pursuit OCR is primarily an adult only facility, because of that we relegate our kids visits to Sunday mornings only (please see above for more information). Kids parties are welcome but must be booked only during the 10:30am slot. Be warned, the kids parties spots fill up many weeks in advance and due to safety precautions we will not overbook or double book the space during this time. In order to book you must first register all the children in your group and prepay for the total number of spots needed through our online booking system below. We do have a party area in which cake, snacks and drinks can be served. Food and drinks are allowed in this space only as the other areas of our facility are high traffic and not suitable for eating. Unfortunately food and drinks are not allowed throughout the rest of the facility. To check availability of this space or reserve it on the day of your booking please call 647.467.8444. This area is subject to availability and is $100 additional to the price of admission.