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OCT/22/2015 Bringing outdoor fitness inside  read more

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OCT/21/2015 Pursuit OCR is a new obstacle course for grown-ups  read more

Breakfast Television 

OCT/09/2015 Jenn gets her play on at Pursuit OCR  read more
Cove Wall
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Ball Pit

Mud Hero

OCT/06/2015 Indoor obstacle race training facility open in Toronto  read more

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OCT/05/2015 Pursuit OCR – Keeping the Fun in Obstacle Course Racing  read more

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SEPT/18/2015 Did someone say “Obstacle Course Training?” read more

Inside Toronto

SEPT/12/2015 Soon to open Toronto obstacle course will offer playground for adults  read more

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SEPT/07/2015 Help Build Pursuit OCR – Canada’s Newest Indoor Obstacle Course  read more

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SEPT/04/2015 Pursuit OCR is the Largest of Its Kind in Canada  read more

Canadian Safe School Network

SEPT/03/2015 Pursuit OCR: Indoor Obstacle Training & Movement Centre  read more


AUG/31/2015 A Massive Indoor Obstacle Course is About to Open in Toronto  read more


AUG/28/2015 Welcome to the Jungle (Gym): Toronto is Getting an Indoor Obstacle Course  read more

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AUG/26/2015 Toronto getting a massive indoor obstacle course  read more