The Pursuit Kids Camp is a full day active camp for kids who love to move and learn new skill sets through play & adventure. Each day our counselors will lead the kids through different activities ranging from our incredible obstacle course to our group games and fitness based activities. Our ten thousand square foot facility is designed to keep your child engaged while they explore and hone new skills.

Frame Work:

  • 5 Day camp @ $250 per child
  • Pre-registered and booked in advance
  • 8am drop off – 6:00pm latest pick up
  • Planned activities 9-5
  • Min 40, max 80 children
  • Ages 10 – 17
  • From first week of July to Last week of August

Facility Amenities

Our space is designed for active movers and play based learning. Our obstacle course is over a football field and a half from start to finish and has over 20 obstacles to explore. The course is designed so that people of all fitness levels can navigate each element to the best of their ability from beginners to advanced athletes. We’ve also taken into consideration that some people might not enjoy things like heights or closed spaces, so at no point is a participant forced through one element to get to the next. That means your mover can learn at their own pace and still be included in all the fun. Lockers are available on site to store extra clothes, valuables and snacks or beverages at no extra charge. Your own lock can be used or we can provide you one with a safety deposit. Phone charging is available for most model phones and free wi-fi is available through the space. Guardians are welcome to observe the activities through the day as well.

Food Provision:

Included for each child is a Lunch and a snack each day. If you’d like to send additional snacks along with your child you are welcome to. We encourage that snacks are garbageless and/or brought in reusable containers, healthy snacks are available on site for purchase. We also encourage parents to send their kids with beverage containers but we have beverages on site for purchase if they prefer. Please let us know in advance if your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions.
There will also be a pizza day and/or bbq day as well through the week.


Some of the activities that your young one will get to take advantage of will include:

  • Nerf wars! We provide safety gear and nerf toys as we transform our course into the ultimate battleground. Players will have to stay moving if they want to stay in play as the foam darts fly!
  • Ninja Skills: kids will learn to navigate each obstacle like a pro as they run, jump, climb and crawl their way through our facility. Each obstacle presents new challenges but by the end of the week your young mover will be flying silently through course just like the pros on TV.
  • Fitness stations: Your kids will learn to harness their power and confidence through individual challenges. Slack lines, battle ropes, our giant running cove wall and many other stations will give your kid a chance to develop their skills with guidance.
  • Group Exercise: each day our counselors will lead the group through a warm up and group exercise routine to help build those growing muscles and get the heart pumping. A great way to harness all the energy your move has and help them learn to exercise safely.
  • Movies! Kids can opt in to watch age appropriate movies on our giant projector walls featuring their favorite heroes to get them in the mood to be heroes themselves.
  • Lightsaber training! Our fully realistic lightsabers with light & sound are a great way to find focus and have fun. Your young star wars fan will learn to safe play and awareness using these fun tools in a totally immersive game play setting.